Terms & Conditions


  1. The booking is made between Mill House Holidays Northumberland Limited (MHHNL) and the name(s) of the party on the booking acknowledgement.
  2. The booking is in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, which cannot be amended or modified unless agreed with MHHNL in writing.
  3. Strictly no pets are allowed in the property.
  4.   The contract is formed on the issuing of the formal acknowledgement of the booking which is the completed and signed booking form which will be provided when MHHNL have received cleared funds for either the agreed deposit or payment in full.
  5. The maximum number of persons allowed at the property is as per the accommodation maximum occupancy which will be stated on the booking acknowledgement ( 6 persons in the Estate Office and 4 in Woodburn). In the event the maximum occupancy is exceeded MHHNL has the right to request additional payment. This payment will be the accommodation rental total paid divided by the maximum occupancy multiplied by the additional occupant(s). This additional charge will be applied per person whether the additional persons stay part or all of the hire period. In the event the guest refuses to pay immediately, MHHNL at its sole discretion may cancel the booking and instruct the Party to leave without any refund or further obligation of liability.
  6. Bookings – MHHNL reserve the right to cancel website bookings and refund customers in the event of pricing or occupancy errors that have occurred on our website for whatever reason. At our discretion we may advise the guest of the correct price giving them the option to pay the correct price. If the error has caused an overpayment the overpayment will be returned to the guest. For the avoidance of doubt the contract is not formed until MHHNL issue its formal acknowledgement as per clause 3.
  7. In the event the booking party wish to make administrative changes to a booking they should request this in writing via the email address shown on the booking acknowledgement form. MHHNL has no obligation to accept such changes but in the event they are able to accept such requests they can, at their sole discretion charge an administration fee of £40
  8. In the unlikely event that MHHNL is unable to provide the accommodation booked by yourself, MHHNL shall refund in full all monies paid. MHHNL maximum liability in all such circumstances should they be unable to provide the booked accommodation is to refund the full cost of the holiday paid.


  1. Accepted payment methods include Paypal and credit or debit card.
  2. The cost of the holiday must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Cancellation/booking changes/Fees   

 ***For your own protection against illness or unforeseen circumstances, we strongly advise you take out your own holiday cancellation insurance with a specialist provider*

11. If you wish to cancel your holiday for any reason you should telephone MHHNL on 07887735906 to let them know but you must also send written notification to the postal or email address on the booking form. Please note the written cancellation will be acknowledged by MHHNL in writing so if you do not receive such notification please check with MHHNL that your cancellation notice has been received.

–   Holidays cancelled before 8 weeks prior to the holiday you will be liable for 25% of the holiday price.

– Holidays cancelled within 8 weeks of the holiday date you will be liable for the total holiday price.

12. In the event you cancel your holiday within 8 weeks of your arrival date  MHHNL have the right to automatically re-advertise that accommodation in an effort to find a replacement customer. It is therefore very important that you notify MHHNL if you wish to cancel your booking.

13. In the event an alternative booking is found MHHNL will credit you with the amount received less an amount equal to 25% of the original holiday price plus a £40 administration fee. Please note MHHNL will attempt to obtain the maximum price for the re-advertised accommodation but has the sole discretion to decide to discount the price as it sees appropriate


  1. Arrival times are strictly 4pm, departure times are strictly 10am. Early arrivals or late departures may be possible by arrangement with MHHNL subject to availability and prior agreement.
  2. Arrangements will be made by MHHNL for the accommodation keys to be left in a safe place. All keys should be placed back inside the property upon leaving the accommodation on your final departure. There is a charge of £30 if the keys are not returned for any reason what so ever.
  3. In the event of an emergency MHHNL have the right to access the accommodation. In other circumstances where MHHNL feel it necessary MHHNL will give reasonable notice (24hrs) in order to enter and inspect the accommodation. Such a request cannot be refused by yourself.
  4. We appreciate some guests will wish to use WIFI during their holiday. Access to WIFI is provided totally free of charge. MHHNL have no control over the ultimate strength of the signal being received at each accommodation location as these signals are provided by third party network providers
  5. Car parking- MHHNL guests   are welcome to use the allocated free parking areas for themselves or day visitors whilst using their holiday cottage. However, guests use these facilities at their own risk and MHHNL accept no liability for any damage to the vehicles or their contents. The number of allocated spaces will be stated on your booking form.
  6. MHHNL have no objection to our guests inviting a limited number of friends to visit, commensurate with the size of the accommodation,  however the accommodations should not under any circumstances unless agreed with  MHHNL be used to hold parties or large gatherings whether or not that you may feel it will impact on the enjoyment of other guest’s holiday stay.
  7. Our accommodation is smoke free; Guests may smoke outside away from the accommodation but must clear up any cigarette or associated debris and dispose of this safely. In the event anyone smokes in the property MHHNL will charge for whatever additional cleaning is required to remove smells from the building or its contents.
  8. During your stay we would request you respect other guest’s rights to their peace and enjoyment of their holiday especially in any shared areas, MHHNL reserve the rights to ask guests to stop any activity that causes any nuisance to other guests. In the event guest refuse to respect such a request MHHNL will ask the offending guest to leave the property. In such circumstances no refund will be payable.
  9. Force Majeure –MHHNL shall not be liable for any delay or failure in performing its obligations under this agreement which results from circumstances outside its reasonable control including but not limited to Acts of God, war, fire, industrial action, threat of terrorism, civil disturbance or rioting, government or regulatory action, breakdown of plant or unavailability of networks or utilities. In the circumstances of such an event MHHNL will undertake all reasonable measures to rectify or mitigate its effect however if such an event disrupts or curtails your holiday then MHHNL total liability is limited to the portion of the service or holiday affected by the event which at a maximum will be a refund of your holiday cost proportional to the days cancelled.
  10. Governing Law –  Any dispute, claim or other matter which may arise in relation to your booking will be governed by English law and you agree that any dispute will be dealt with exclusively by the courts of England and Wales.
  11. Third Party Rights –Nothing in these terms and conditions shall incur any rights on a third party and no third party may enforce any enforce any provision of the contract under the Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act. We may transfer Our rights and obligations under these Terms to another organisation, and we will always notify you in writing if this happens, but this will not affect your rights or our obligations under these Terms. You may only transfer your rights or your obligations under these Terms t another person if we agree in writing. Nothing in this contact is intended to, or shall be deemed to, establish any partnership or joint venture between you and the Company. The Company reserves the right to bring any action which arises out of your failure to comply with the obligations set out within the term of the agreement at any stage up until the statutory limitation period. Should the Company require recourse against you beyond the statutory limitation period then an application would be required for permission from the Court.


25. The accommodation is fully cleaned prior to your arrival; in the event you find something not to your             satisfaction then please immediately contact MHHNL directly on the contact details set out on your booking                            acknowledgement. These are also available in the accommodation information packs.

  1. You must respect and look after your accommodation during your stay and you must leave the Property clean     and tidy. Please let us know of any damage or breakages so we can repair or replace them for the next guests.     We reserve the right to charge for any damage or breakages.
  2. On departure MHHNL expect the guest to have left the property in a reasonable state of cleanliness. It is acknowledged that guests may not be able to replicate the standard of our cleaning contractor. However, it is deemed reasonable that as a minimum:
  3.  All guests – wash all dishes/pans/cutlery and utensils used during their stay and return them to their storage location. Clean cooker top/oven/microwave if used. Empty fridge and cupboards of waste food. Check that toilets are in clean condition and flushed. Remove any ash/debris from log burner. Remove all rubbish from internal bins and transfer to main site bins in parking area.

In the event you leave the accommodation in a poor state of cleanliness then cleaning charges will be applied as per the following:

29. Additional cleaning of accommodation due to the failure of guests to leave it in a reasonable condition as detailed in i) & ii) above, will be subject to a fee up to £40.00 dependent on cleaning required

Arrival Inspection / Damage to accommodation or its contents

30. On arrival you should inspect the accommodation and its contents and advise MHHNL within 24hours of any damage or concerns you have.

31. In the event you or your party have an accident during your stay then this must be reported immediately to MHHNL. This will allow MHHNL to deal with the issue as soon as possible. Please do not leave such notifications until the end of your holiday as it may prevent MHHNL from preparing the accommodation for the next guest

32. If the accommodation is left with any form of damage to fixtures, fittings or the property itself, MHHNL has the right to recover all costs and expenses in remedying such defects from you. In addition, if the damage caused is of a nature that that prevents, delays or means subsequent booking(s) have to be cancelled requiring MHHNL to discount other guests stay or having to relocate guests to alternative accommodation then these costs along with the costs of rectification will be the responsibility of yourself. In all circumstances any professional or legal fees resulting from the damage or in the collection of the damage costs will be added to your account

33. MHHNL will notify yourself of any costs as soon as the damage has been evaluated

Customer Feedback

34. Should you feel that you have a genuine concern in respect of any aspect of your holiday home, then this should immediately be reported to MHHNL. We will always endeavour to resolve the matter.