Fishing in North Northumberland

Whether you prefer sea, river, reservoir  or lake fishing, Northumberland has it all.

Still water trout fishing in reservoirs and smaller lakes is available throughout the county. The larger Northumbrian Water reservoirs of KielderDerwent and Fontburn cover the west, South and North Northumberland respectively. These larger reservoirs allow anglers to bait, spin or fly fish and day tickets are available. Smaller still waters, at Chatton, Thrunton Long Crag and South Linden offer excellent chances of catching fish for the novice while still providing a challenge for the more experienced.

The Northumbrian coast is so varied; there are superb sandy beaches, and numerous rocky areas which provide the shore angler the chance to catch a wide variety of salt water species including cod, pollack, all sorts of flat fish and summer mackerel. Casting a line from a pier can be fun too. CrasterAmbleSeahouses and Blyth all have piers and charter boats, for those who wish to go out to sea, are available too.

Information about permits and licences for fishing in Northumberland can be found on the Northumberland County Council website or alternatively contact a tourist information centre near to where you’d like to go fishing.